Recover Files from Hard Drive

Computer uses hard drive as the main storage unit for storing all files & folders. These files include all the documents, media files including audio, video, photo & application files. Suppose you stored all your office work files on hard drive & it is to be submitted tomorrow. But when you restarted your system, you find them missing. You may freak out as redoing all this lost work all in one day is not at all feasible for you. Here is the solution for your problem. You can bring back the entire lost files from hard drive by taking use of recover files utility. This software provides you the privilege of getting back missing files by performing deep scanning of hard drive.

Scenarios that causes loss of files from hard drive:

Power surge: If some files stored on drive are in active mode on system, the sudden shutting down of system because of power surge problem will leave you in the state of loss or damage of the files which are in active mode.

Human errors: Sometimes due to human negligence files are lost from hard drive like one goes for formatting a hard drive partition containing some vital files whereas he has to format some other partition containing unwanted files. To know how to get back files lost after formatting partition,

File system refresh: Sometimes there are number of errors generated by hard disk. In such case user finds it more sensible to refresh the file system. Therefore user goes for formatting the drive but if he doesn’t have any backup copy then it leaves him in the state of loss. In some of the cases after refreshing file system, the hard drive fails to read. Browse here, if you also came across the situation of failed hard drives.

Virus infection: A virus attack may severely cause harm to files on hard drive. When antivirus program is unable to fight the virus, you are compelled to format the drive leading to loss of files stored from it.

Aspects of using this software:

This tool will provide you the answer about how to regain hard drive files even after the hard drive wont boot by facing any of the above situations. It can bring back lost files of several file types including document files like .ppt, xls, .doc, .docx, etc & media files i.e. audio, video, photo files like .gif, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg, .mp3, .au, .wav, .flv, .wmv, .mp4, etc.

This obtain back files tool enables you to obtain that are missing from hard drives of a range of types such as SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. It supports regaining on several popular brands of hard disk like Maxtor, Western Digital, Fujitsu, HP, Seagate, etc.

If you have lost files from your memory card, then this tool will take you out of file loss situation as it provides the facility to get back files that are lost from different types of memory card such as SD card, MicroSDHC card, flash memory card, miniSD card, etc.

This tool provides the perfect solution to bring back lost files from laptop hard disk that are lost due to low battery shut down of laptops.

It supports finding files that are lost after formatting of drives on all Windows & Mac operating system installed systems. The OS versions supported are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc & Mac OS X10.5 & plus versions.

Go through the following steps to get back files from hard drive:

Step-1: Connect the hard disk to a healthy system. Run the utility program & select "Recover Drives" option from the main screen.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure-1: Main Screen

Step-2: A screen with two options such as "Partition Recovery" option & "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option appears. Select any one as per your requirement. Here we are going for the "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to get back files from a formatted hard drive.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - Recover Drives Screen

Figure-2: Recover Drives Screen

Step-3:A screen with list of logical drives / partitions appears. Select the partition from where the deleted files are to be brought back & click on "Next" option to start searching the partition.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - Select Logical Drive

Figure-3: Select Logical Drive

Step-4: A lsit of found drives / partitions appears after the search completes. Select the partition / drive from where files are to be obatined & click "Next" option. From next screen select the file types you are looking for. You can also add more file types at the next step. Now click "Next" option to start the scan process.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - Found Partitions

Figure-4: Found Partitions

Step-5: After the scanning completes a list of obatianed files appears that can be viewed in "File Type View" option & "Data Type View" option. You can save the obtained files on the healthy system by purchasing the activation key of the software.

Recover Files from Hard Drive - Data Type View

Figure-5: Data Type View