PDF propagated as Portable Document Format is a file format that is developed by Adobe and has become the most commonly used document file format for our daily work either professional or private. These PDF files will preserve all the formats, graphics, fonts, and color of any source document, irrespective of the application and platform employed to create it. PDF documents are widely used because any user with a reading application can access and view the information within the PDF file without requiring any access to the software by making use of which original information was created. And, based on the nature of the material which is distributed in this file format, you might really find it very much essential to lock PDF files with password so that any third unauthorized person mustn’t have an access to your significant PDF file or the data thieves should not be able to mislead the information that is residing in it.

Now, you must be thinking how to lock PDF file with password so that no one else would be able to make edits to it or misuse the material and in an answer to your question is the most proficient PDF file locker software that is named under the title Remo MORE. MORE utility is built by highly trained skilled developers who are involved in developing third party file locker apps to password protect PDF file at your own. Remo MORE software is developed with the aim to offer data security to your personal as well as confidential files which you would like to keep secure and safe. This Remo MORE software is a complete solution to encrypt PSF files with password and secure them from data intruders and prying eyes.

MORE application can lock PDF files with password on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Win XP, Windows 7 and the recently released Windows 8 OS. Remo MORE tool is provided with File Protector feature which comes up with “Private Locker” or “File / Folder Locker” option to provide password based security. One should select “File / Folder Locker” option that allows you to browse the files from your computer or laptop in order to lock your PDF files with desired password. Password protecting your PDF document using our Remo MORE toolkit helps you to ensure that even if the file goes missing that content will not be available to any unauthorized person unless and until the password is known to them. Along with PDF files, this amazing application can be employed to lock other file types like Word, text files, movies, video files, pictures, etc. The interesting fact about this PDF file locker software is that it is available free of cost and is safe enough to encrypt PDF files with password.

Note: The password that you provide to lock PDS files must be strong enough so that any professional hacker should not be able to guess the password and make use of your information and the password should be easy enough for you to remember.

Procedure on how to lock PDF file with password:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE utility on the hard disk of your Windows system. Launch the application and select “Manage” option from the home screen. Then, choose “File Manager” option in that you need to select “File Protector” option as shown in Figure I.

How to Lock PDF File with Password - Select File Protector Option

Step2: For the first time when you select “File Protector” option, it asks you to set for Master Password. Now, select “File / Folder locker” option to lock PDF files with password as shown in Figure II.

How to Lock PDF File with Password - Select File / Folder Locker Option

Step3: Choose the files that you want to lock by selecting “Add Files” or “Add Folders” option and hit on “Lock” button to encrypt PDF files with password as shown in Figure III.

How to Lock PDF File with Password - Add Files and Click on Lock Option

Step4: The software starts locking your private PDF files as shown in Figure IV.

How to Lock PDF File with Password - Locking Screen

Step5: Once done with the procedure of PDF file locking, you will receive the message that Locked successfully as shown in Figure V.

How to Lock PDF File with Password - Locking Completed