Recover Windows Files

Are you freaked out from losing files on Windows? If you ask out for the widely used operating system for a PC then the answer you will get is Windows. Windows operating systems have been developed by Microsoft Cooperation & are widely used due to the support it provides for various applications or software in performing multitasking. With this advantage people prefer to work & store their files on Windows PC. However file lose situations are common on Windows PC. There can be several reasons behind file lose on Windows PC, the most general one is a file lose due to virus attack on Windows PC. However, whatever be the cause of lose; you can bring lost files using recover files utility program with full reliability. Moreover it is highly secure & fast to get back lost & deleted files on all the versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc.

Let us point out some of file lose situations:

System crash: All the files stored on computer can be hard to find after a system crash. It is one of the most severe conditions of file lose. The most commonly faced reason behind system crash is frequent power failures. A power failure cause’s sudden system shut down which finally results inability to terminate the ongoing programs on system & this finally ends with system getting corrupted. Browse here to know how to efficiently regain files after system crash.

Accidental format: Many times due to human negligence he himself formats the partition containing important files. It mostly happens when user wants to empty disk space by formatting a partition containing unimportant files but he accidentally goes for formatting a partition which is containing sensitive files. Click here to gain knowledge on how to get back files after format.

Emptying the Recycle Bin: Files that you delete from system goes to Recycle Bin folder on Windows & can be restored from there by using "Restore" option. However sometimes you may use the "Empty the Recycle Bin" option by keeping in mind that the files you are removing are not important to you but latter on you may find that along with those files you had lost some of crucial files.

File system corruption: File system is the most important thing on computer as it manages all the storage of files on hard disk for processing. Files become lost if their entries get removed from file system & you need to look for a regain files utility program to regain the lost files due to file corruption.

Highlighting points about this utility program:

This tool provides you the complete relief from the entire above file lose situations on Windows systems. It also helps you to get back files deleted files from by using "Shift + Delete" keys combination on Windows OS installed systems. Visit here if you are looking to undelete files on Windows XP,

It gives you the best experience to bring back lost files not only from system hard disk but also to get back files from external hard drives of all popular brands like Seagate, HP, Toshiba, etc.

With its deep scanning it can locate lost files of more than 300 file types including document, media, application files from hard disk, FireWire Drives, USB flash drive, etc.

You can even use this tool to regain lost files from corrupt memory card that got corrupted due to pulling it out without using safely remove option.

Steps that can help you in bringing back lost files:

Step-1:Run the tool to bring back lost files on Windows OS systems. Select "Recover Files" option from the main screen.

Recover Windows Files - Main Screen

Figure-1: Main Screen

Step-2: On the next appeared screen two options are available such as "Recover Lost Files" option & "Recover Deleted Files" option. Select any one as per the situation you are facing. Here we are going to select "Recover Lost Files" option.

Recover Windows Files - Recover Files Screen

Figure-2: Recover Files Screen

Step-3: A screen with list of logical / physical drives pops out. Select the drive from where you want to bring back lost files & click "Next" option to start scanning.

Recover Windows Files - Select Physical / Logical Drive

Figure-3: Select Physical / Logical Drive

Step-4: A next screen with list of file types appears, select the file types to be scanned for & click "Next" to start scanning. Otherwise, you can also skip this step by using "Skip" option to directly start scanning.

Step-5: After completion of scan process. All the obtained files are shown on the screen & can be viewed as "Data Type View" option & "File Type View" option. To save these files, you need to activate the software by purchasing the activation key.

Recover Windows Files - Data Type View

Figure-4: Data Type View