Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP

The most common reason for deletion of files on Windows XP based computer is the accidental deletion by the user while accessing the data. You may also face this situation wherein, you might have used “Shift+Delete” key combination to delete some of the files thinking them as unwanted, only to realize later that the deleted files were actually very critical for you. But the problem is that once files are deleted in this manner, they will bypass the recycle bin of Windows XP operating system, in other words, will not get stored in it. It is a widely known fact that files bypassing recycle bin cannot be restored back without using any recovery software. To help needy users in such a miserable instance, we have developed a Windows deleted file recovery software that can prominently restore data on Windows XP operating system.

This recovery software has received numerous accolades from several recovery organizations & professionals for its ability to completely restore deleted & lost files from computer hard drive and other storage devices. The software will first search for deleted files & folders in the selected hard disk partition and after the accomplishment of scanning process, it recovers a wide variety of file formats of music & video files, picture files, documents, spreadsheets, etc with an assistance of sophisticated file signature search option. It can efficiently perform recovery of JPG files along with other photo formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.

After the recovery of files on Windows XP, this tool facilitates you to preview the retrieved data to check its efficiency before purchasing the registered version. As mentioned earlier, this tool can perform deleted files recovery on different types of storage devices including external hard drive, FireWire drive, USB drive, various kinds of memory cards, etc. You can utilize this software to effortlessly retrieve photo from memory card after it gets deleted either on a computer or a digital camera to which the card is connected.

Apart from accidental deletion, this software can retrieve files deleted or lost in many other scenarios. When your Windows XP based computer hard drive is affected by the virus invasion from other storage drives, there are possibilities of a partition becoming inaccessible due to corruption in MBR or a damage to the file system. To make a partition accessible, you need to format it using a Windows disk management utility. Once you format the partition, entire data stored on it will get deleted if you have not taken a backup before formatting. The software has the potential to recover deleted or lost files from a formatted hard drive partition on Windows XP operating system. It can also be utilized for restoring lost files after system crash that may happen due to corrupt system files or when Windows XP operating system fails to load on your computer.

If you need to recover deleted files from Windows XP, follow these steps mentioned below:

Step I: Choose “Recover Files” on the welcome screen, as illustrated in Fig I. Then, select “Recover Deleted Files” option.

Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP - Main Window

Fig I: Main Screen

Step II: Choose a partition to recover deleted files and click “Next”, as illustrated in Fig II.

Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP - Select an appropriate partition

Fig II: Choose a Partition to Recover

Step III: From a list of recovered files shown in Fig III, right-click any file to “Preview” it for checking the efficiency of this tool.

Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP - Recovered Files List

Fig III: List of Retrieved Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users